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GMP Workflowmanager
GMP Workflowmanager

Advantages at a glance

eControl combines organizational and economic objectives with a process management without the normally expected additional extra effort for the employees involved.

The use of eControl requires a change of various standard routines in everyday operations. The resulting advantage is immediately visible to all participating employees and outweighs the disadvantage of changing some routine by far - this factual context is the basis for the acceptance of eControl.

Streamlining the form management and access to information

  • Reduction of the circulation of paper forms
  • Form content available in real time enterprise-wide - provided appropriate user rights
  • Search millions of form content with the click of a button
  • Statistics and reports with the click of a button
  • Automatic notification and alerting chains depending on fully customizable sets of rules

Privacy and Security Audit

  • Auditable, court-proof data storage
  • Implementation of privacy requirements at the highest level

Enterprise-Wide Data

All departments access - provided an appropriate authorization - the same incidents and checksheets. Therefore reports and statistics are not based on the selective perception of a department, but on a true, enterprise-wide and uniform dataset.

The usual disadvantage of individual solutions for each application as for the safety management, such as double data entry, transmission errors, or simply information and communication deficits are excluded when using eControl.

Evidence of management systems acc. legal requirements

  • Safety Management System acc. the requirements of ICAO Doc. 9859 and the EASA Authority, Organization and Operations Requirements for aerodromes
  • Bird control and habitat management acc. a scientific, avifaunistic model
  • According to complaint management including PRM-focusing acc. Regulation (EC) No 1107/2006

Future proof Web-based Incidentmanagementsystem

  • Full web interface without any necessity for a local installation
  • Intuitive, self-explanatory user interface
  • eControl instead of a variety of papers, word processing documents or spreadsheets (eg Runup-list)
  • Professional vendor-side support system
  • Continuous development and adaptation to legal requirements