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GMP Workflowmanager
GMP Workflowmanager

Training and Qualifications Management (TQMS)

Staff master Data

Economically flexible

eControl offers comprehensive management of staff master data without additional costs. The administration of staff master data covers both employees as well as external individuals. With eControl any amount of staff master data can be administered without incurring access license costs. Sophisticated user rights guarantee the required data protection. eControl users can comprehensively access their own training data at any time. Staff master data also include the administration of trainers, companies and invoice recipients.

Freely definable staff attributes are available for the storage of organisation-specific information and offer flexibility for individual, multi-dimensional organisational structures.

Read and Sign


Read and Sign enables a standard level of information for all employees.

The Read and Sign function reliably manages acknowledgement or prompt reading of published information, memos, manuals, procedural or process descriptions etc., and documents these processes in a legally robust way. Automated notifications and report generators are available to support individual, customer-specific workflows.



TQMS gives a continuous view of any training required and any training which needs to be amended. eControl's qualifications contain prescribed teaching content which, following participation in a qualification event, result in qualification for a particular task or purpose (e.g. apron driving license). eControl TQMS ensures that qualifications are continuously maintained or renewed according to changing training requirements. To maintain qualified status, refresher courses etc. are offered. An intelligent authorisation system coordinates the activities of HR and specialist departments.

Prerequisites for qualification


TQMS registers the different, specific prerequisites required for particular qualifications. Participation in the qualification (-event) and the issuing of a qualifying certificate can be linked with prerequisites which are met through participation in the seminar. The definition of qualification prerequisites is specific to the individual qualification.

Qualification events / training


The organisation of training and qualification events from the selection of participants, the event location, to the management of training dates occurs time- and cost-effectively. A training participant gains a qualification through participation in a qualification event. eControl helps with planning, management of training dates and occupancy, creation of invitations and a number of other routine tasks. eControl TQMS suggests to participants, in accordance with individual business rules, which qualification events they need to attend for continued maintenance of qualifications or for renewing amended qualifications.

Areas of expertise / Qualification profiles


Different qualifications and their requirements are centralised into a profile utilising merely a web-based software. eControl's TQMS offers the possibility to link qualifications to qualification profiles. These profiles, in the sense of areas of expertise, can be nested; this means that a modular system can be implemented. A qualification profile is assigned to 1 or more employees

An amendment to a qualification profile means that staff-related qualification requirements are automatically expanded, taking into account business rules.

Qualification events / Participation


eControl gives a reliable overview of the qualification results and qualification status of employees.

For every qualification event, test results and participant-related documents can be filed, in addition to the participant status of individual participants. Potential test results can if necessary be filed as part of particular qualification master data. Final tests and other documents can be filed by participant and event in the eControl document archive.

Auswertungen / Benachrichtigungen


Systematic management of qualification requirements, length of validity and the need for retraining makes it possible to keep track of current training needs. Up-to-date status is standard with the TQMS of eControl.

The TQMS offers a variety of reports to help with preparation of complex training information.

Typical questions are:

  • Who has been trained to use which document, and when?
  • Who needs to be retrained in the version change of a particular process?
  • What training needs have to be organised in the next X days to maintain the level of qualifications?
  • Do all staff match their particular profiles and are they suitably qualified?

If so desired, the TQMS will send fully automatic messages to those taking part in, organising or managing training as soon as qualifications expire or if the requirements made of the particular staff member have changed.

Certificates/ Accounting certificates


The use of certificates in accounting processes saves costs and effort.

Certificates are evidence of qualification. A certificate is generally awarded after participation in a training event. A certificate and/or participation in a training event can be used as material for subsequent settlement systems (for example SAP), for internal cost allocation and to print invoices.


Integration of process and quality management

Processes are the central structural element of eControl. Procedural manuals, documents, drawings etc. are assigned to a process. eControl ensures that the process versions and document versions correspond. The person responsible for the process decides whether and when process versions need to be renewed and accordingly, whether and when training for the associated qualifications needs to be carried out.

Training and process descriptions / procedural manuals

Procedural manuals connect processes and human resources. eControl stores procedural manuals as file objects in the eControl document archive and links them with the relevant documents and processes.

Change management for relevant documents and procedural manuals

Updating – automatic checking of different versions for updated qualifications

The automatic checking of versions and releases ensures that the relevant documents are assigned to a particular process version. The checking-in and -out of procedural manuals supports the collaborative updating of documents.